Wildbase have led New Zealand’s oiled wildlife capability in partnership with Maritime New Zealand since 1998. Through this collaboration, New Zealand has one of the world’s leading oiled wildlife response capabilities.

Wildbase are the coordinators of the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team which includes the collaboration of wildlife responders from around New Zealand. Responders include regional council wildlife staff, wildlife rehabilitation experts and scientific advisors.

We are currently the sole member organisation from the Asia-Pacific region within the Global Oiled Wildlife Response system, a group established to develop and improve Oiled Wildlife Response capabilities and techniques throughout the world.   

Our partners

Wildbase continue to work with industry partners to develop best-practise facilities and equipment for oiled wildlife response. This includes a research led approach in the testing of response equipment and resources. 

Case studies

Find out more about the work of Wildbase Oil Response, with case studies from New Zealand and around the world.

Types of spill

Oil spills are categorised into levels of severity and between land and oil spills.

Wildbase Oil Response team predominantly deal with Tier 2 and Tier 3 spills. Find out more about oil spill categorisation.

Rainbow oil sheen - spill appearance is an indicator of oil type, thickness and loading

Washing a mallard duck for training purposes

Sea lion pup – one of New Zealand’s unique marine mammals