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Wildbase Pathology provides diagnostic services to protect the health and welfare of captive and free-living New Zealand wildlife.

We do this through post mortem examination of threatened native species and investigation of mass wildlife mortalities. Identifying causes of death and offering species-management advice contributes to conservation and supports New Zealand’s biosecurity.

Contributions to species management programmes include diagnoses of aspergillosis in stitchbirds, goitre in black stilts, tuberculosis and salmonellosis in New Zealand seals, and chytridiomycosis in exotic and native frogs.

hunter-stu-pathologist-1.jpg Our services

Wildbase Pathology provides:

  • A diagnostic service to the Department of Conservation and other wildlife conservation and management institutions
  • Post mortem examinations of Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins, and sea lions caught by commercial and recreational fisheries
  • Strategies for clinical care, welfare and post mortem examination of stranded marine mammals, and identification of diseases that may have contributed to their deaths
  • The New Zealand Wildlife Mortality Database, Huia, which records the causes of death of all threatened species in New Zealand and is available by request to conservation workers and scientists
  • A large and well-appointed necropsy suite in Palmerston North

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