Meet international students and graduates from China studying education at Massey University.

Youfei Liu

Master of TESOL Leadership

It was a wonderful experience that I could study in the Institute of Education. Currently, I'm working in a primary school in my hometown of Yunnan, China, teaching English. It is a very famous local school and we have six grades. Students start to learn English from Grade 1. In the future, I am interested to explore research on English teaching in EFL context to find out what needs to be improved and be changed.

Why did I choose Massey University?

There are three reasons. Firstly, my university in China recommended Massey to me, so when I researched, I found that the Institution of Education and the education major in Massey were reliable and famous in New Zealand. Secondly, the tuition fees were reasonable for me. Thirdly, I wanted to broaden my horizon and also improve my English proficiency. Overall, Massey was the best choice for my Masters. So I chose MTESOL Lead.

There were several courses in the MTESOL Lead programme that I enjoyed. Two papers, 257767 Current Issues and Innovation in TESOL Leadership and 257769 Teaching Content to English Language Learners, guided me to analyse my own context and link what I learned to the current situation in my context. I am using what I learned to think out how to make improvement or change in my context. It's very practical and useful.

I learned a lot during my period of study, not only the academic improvement, but also life experience. I visited diverse kinds of local schools in New Zealand and saw various teaching styles; I made many friends from different countries and got to experience different cultures; I travelled around New Zealand to enjoy natural beauty. I'm so grateful that I could study and stay in New Zealand for one year.