Honorary research fellows

Dr Doreen D'Cruz


Qualifications: BA, BA Honours (Singapore), MA, PhD (Michigan)

Contact details: D.Dcruz@massey.ac.nz


My research has been primarily in twentieth-century fiction in English, with a strong emphasis on the intersections between feminism and fictional forms.
In the last decade or so, I shifted my attention to New Zealand fiction, resulting in the publication of The Lonely and the Alone: The Poetics of Isolation in New Zealand Fiction (Rodopi 2011), together with John Ross.

I am currently working on a series of essays on Fiona Kidman's novels, some of which have already been published in various journals.  In a departure from my usually trodden paths, I recently produced an essay on James K. Baxter's prose, published in Quarrels with Himself (VUP 2017), edited by Peter Whiteford and Geoffrey Miles.  I am also an editor of the New Zealand volume of The Literary Encyclopedia.

Selected publications

Articles, Contributions to Books and to Reference Sources:

"Emptying and Filling Along the Existential Coil in A Passage to India.Studies in the Novel, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Summer 1986): 193-205.

"Comedy and Moral Stasis in Greene's The Comedians." Renascence Vol. 40, No. 1 (Fall 1987): 53-63.

"Chandran Nair -- 'The Land'." In Kirpal Singh (ed.), Critical Engagements: Singapore Poetry in Focus. Singapore: Heinemann, 1986. 48–52.

"Barbara Anderson." In Lesley Henderson and Noelle Watson (eds.), Contemporary Novelists (Fifth Edition).  Chicago and London: St James Press, 1991. 42–43.

"Feminism in the Post-Colonial Context: Shashi Deshpande's Fiction." SPAN 36 (October 1993): 453–470.

"Rosamond Lehmann."  In Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers. London:  St James Press, 1994. 383–84.

"Contesting the `One Law - the One Sublimating Transcendent Guarantor':  Elizabeth Jolley's The Well and The Sugar Mother."  SPAN 40 (April 1995):  54–71.

"Fashion."  In Reader's Guide to Women's Studies.  Chicago:  Fitzroy, Dearborn, 1998. 198–200.

"The Liquid Alterity of the Maternal-Feminine in Toni Morrison's Beloved."  AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association 92 (November 1999): 51–79.

“Configuring the Dynamics of Dispossession in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things.” New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies Volume 5, No. 2 (December 2003): 56–76.

“Textual Enigmas and Disruptive Desires in Jane Campion’s Sweetie.” Australian Feminist Studies 21.49 (March 2006): 7–22.

“Women, Time and Place in Fiona Kidman’s The Book of Secrets.” Journal of Commonwealth Literature.  42. 3 (2007): 63–81.

“The Problem of Self and Other in Maurice Gee’s Prowlers.” Journal of New Zealand Literature 25 (2007): 70–93.

“Along ‘the many-stranded circle’: Narrative Spiralling from Isolation to Homecoming in Patricia Grace’s Cousins.Journal of Postcolonial Writing 45. 4 (December 2009): 459–71.

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 “Fiona Kidman”. C. Sandru (ed.), The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 19 November 2012.
[http://www.litencyc.com/php/speople.php?rec=true&UID=2490, accessed 20 November 2012.]

“Gendering the Colonial Narrative: Fictional Historiography in Fiona Kidman’s The Captive Wife.”  Journal of Postcolonial Writing 50.3 (May 2014): 341-53. Published online 15 May 2013. DOI:10.1080/17449855.2013.801633 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17449855.2013.801633.

“Rewriting the Female Gothic in the Antipodes: Fiona Kidman’s Mandarin Summer.” ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature 48.1 (January 2017): 97-122.

“Kenosis: The Difficult Spirituality of James K. Baxter.” Baxter Prose Companion. Eds. Peter Whiteford & Greg O’Brien. Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2017), 224-247.

“Maternal Agency, Genre Mutation, and Political Critique in Fiona Kidman’s True Stars.Journal of New Zealand Literature 36 (2018): 94-117.

Books (authored)

Loving Subjects: Narratives of Female Desire. New York: Peter Lang, 2002. pp. 1-295.

The Lonely and the Alone: The Poetics of Isolation in New Zealand Fiction. (with John C. Ross). Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2011. pp.  xx, 407.

Books (edited)

Edited (with C.K. Lingam).  Playworks:  A Collection of Plays for Secondary Schools, Volume One. Singapore: Longman, 1986. 

Edited (with C.K. Lingam).  Playworks: A Collection of Plays for Secondary Schools, Volume Two. Singapore: Longman, 1987.

Journals (edited)

Edited (with Max Le Blond). ACLALS (Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) Bulletin: Commonwealth Drama. Seventh Series, Number Three (1986).

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 81. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002): Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp.  991 – 1077.

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 82. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003). Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp. 820–923.

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 83. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004). Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp. 922 – 1025.

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 84. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005). Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp. 945 – 1020.

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 85. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006). Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp. 978 – 1130.

Associate Editor. The Year’s Work in English Studies. Volume 86. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). Editorial responsibility for “Chapter XVII: New Literatures,” pp. 968 – 1091.


Review of Jean Sabiston, The Prison of Womanhood (Macmillan, 1987) in New Zealand Journal of French Studies, Vol 10, No. 1 (1989):  64-5.

Review of Barbara Anderson, Girls High (Wellington:  Victoria University Press, 1990), in New Zealand Books:  A Quarterly Review, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1991):  7-8.

Review of Anne-Janine Morey, Religion and Sexuality in American Literature (Cambridge University Press, 1992) in Australasian Journal of American Studies 12 (1) (July 1993):  65-67.

Review of Stephen Knight, Continent of Mystery: A Thematic History of Australian Crime Fiction (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1997), in Sites 37 (1999): 104-06.

Professor Russell Poole

Poole, Russell (2008).jpg

Qualifications: BA, MA Otago, PhD Toronto

Current research projects

I am at present completing my edition of the Merlínússpá of Gunnlaugr Leifsson and other poems for “Skaldic Poetry in the Scandinavian Middle Ages”. A book-length project in progress is “Starcather: Forgotten hero of the Viking Age” (working title). I am also one of four editors of a projected collective volume provisionally entitled “Egil, the Viking Poet. New approaches to Egil’s Saga”. In various stages of completion and submission are article-length projects relating to the literary records of the Viking Age: topics include the cultivation of autobiographical memory; ideology of sovereignty; cultural transfers; and proverbial and admonitory discourse. I am also engaged in short projects on Old and Middle English poetry.


Fellow of the Royal Society of CanadaFellow of the New Zealand Academy of Humanities, Hon. Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand
Distinguished University Professor, emeritus, The University of Western Ontario
Formerly Professor of Medieval Studies (personal chair), Massey University

Selected Publications

2004. Co-edited with Antonina Harbus: Verbal Encounters. Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Studies for Roberta Frank. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
2004. “Claiming Kin, Skaldic-style.” In Verbal Encounters. Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Studies for Roberta Frank. Ed. Antonina Harbus and R. Poole. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Pp. 269-84.
2004. “Metre and metrics.” In A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture. Ed. Rory McTurk. Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture 31. Oxford: Blackwell. Pp. 265-84. Rpt 2007.
2004. “Myth, Psychology, and Society in Grettis saga.” alvíssmál 11: 3-16. Also published on-line: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~alvismal/11gretti.pdf
2004. “Old English Riddles.” Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde. Ed. Heinrich Beck et al. Berlin: De Gruyter (RGA). Vol. 24, pp. 90-94.
2005. “The Nesjavísur of Sigvatr Þórðarson.” Mediaeval Scandinavia 15: 171-98.
2005. “Eduard Sievers.” RGA. Vol. 28, pp. 374-78.
2005. “Kindred, College, and Scholarship in the Life-work of Bertha Surtees Phillpotts.” In Women Medievalists and the Academy. Ed. J. Chance. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. Pp. 200-12.
2005. “Poetic References from Skaldskaparmal.” In Jesse Byock, Snorri Sturluson. The Prose Edda. London: Penguin. Pp. 108-18.
2005. “Seeing ‘a little of the world’ (and not being able to change it) in Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey.” In New Windows on a Woman’s World (Festschrift for Jocelyn Harris). Ed. Colin Gibson and Lisa Marr. Dunedin: Department of English, University of Otago. Vol. 2, pp. 259-76.
2005. “Sigvatr Þórðarson.” RGA. Vol. 28, pp. 382-86.
2005. “Skalde/Skalds.” RGA. Vol. 28, pp. 553-59.
2005. “Skaldische Dichtung/Skaldic Poetry.” RGA. Vol. 28, pp. 562-68.
2006. “‘Orð eftir orð’, ‘orð eftir orði’: the progress of the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose.” Scandinavian-Canadian Studies 15: 92-119 (review article). Also published on-line: http://lettuce.tapor.uvic.ca/cocoon/journals/scancan/article.htm?id=poole_1_15
2006. “Some southern perspectives on Starcatherus.” Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 2: 141-66.
2006. “Þulr.” Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde. Ed. Heinrich Beck et al. Berlin: De Gruyter (RGA). Vol. 30, pp. 544-46.
2006. “Walkürenlied.” RGA. Vol. 33, pp. 142-43.
2006. “Wissensdichtung.” RGA. Vol. 34, pp. 145-49.
2007. “Ekphrasis: its ‘prolonged echoes’ in Scandinavia.” Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 3: 245-67.
2007. “Myth and Ritual in Eyvindr skáldaspillir’s Háleygjatal.” In Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross. Ed. Judy Quinn, Tarrin Wills, Kate Heslop, and Anna Hansen. Turnhout: Brepols. Pp. 153-76.
2009. “In Quest of Saga Styles in Merlínússpá.” In Greppaminni. Rit til heiðurs Vésteini Ólasyni sjötugum. Ed. Margrét Eggertsdóttir et al. Reykjavík: Hið íslenzka bókmenntafélag. Pp. 307-22.
2009. “Poetic translation of verses in Grettis saga, with commentary.” In The Saga of Grettir. Trans. Jesse Byock. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2009. “Verses of Halli stirði.” In Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages (SPSMA) II: Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1036 to c. 1300. Ed. Kari Ellen Gade. Turnhout: Brepols. Vol. I, pp. 337-43.
2010. “‘Non enim possum plorare nec lamenta fundere’: Sonatorrek in a tenth-century context.” In Laments for the Lost: Medieval Mourning and Elegy. Ed. Jane Tolmie and Jane Toswell. Turnhout: Brepols. Pp. 173-200.
2010. “A disguised stage direction in the Wakefield-Towneley Second Shepherds’ Play.” Notes and Queries 255.3: 315-19.
2010. “Charms and incantations.” In Handbook of Medieval Studies: Concepts, Methods, Historical Developments, and Current Trends in Medieval Studies. Ed. Albrecht Classen. Berlin: De Gruyter (= HMS). Pp. 1700–05.
2010. “Didactic/gnomic poems.” In HMS. Pp. 1750–55.
2010. “Eduard Sievers.” In HMS. Pp. 2642–45.
2010. “Finnur Jónsson.” In HMS. Pp. 2376–80.
2010. “Icelandic, Danish, and Old Norse Studies.” In HMS. Pp. 685–705.
2010. “Þulir as Tradition-bearers and Prototype Saga-tellers.” In Creating the Medieval Saga. Versions, variability and editorial interpretations of Old Norse saga literature. Ed. Judy Quinn and Emily Lethbridge. Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark. Pp. 237-59.
2011. “Cyningas sigefæste mid gode: Anglo-Saxon contributions to the early advocacy of Óláfr Haraldsson of Norway.” In Old English Literature and the Old Testament. Ed. Michael Fox and Manish Sharma. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. pp. 266-91.
2012. (with Susan Carter) “Threshold to discipline discourse: An English literature first year limen into advanced literacy.” Australian Journal of Language and Literacy 35.1: 69-81.
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2012. “Torf-Einarr, lausavísur.” In SPSMA I, 129-38.
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2012. “Tindr Hallkelsson, Hákonardrápa.” SPSMA I, 336-58.
2012. “Eyjólfr dáðaskáld, Bandadrápa.” In SPSMA I, 454-68.
2012. “Óláfr Haraldsson, lausavísur.” In SPSMA I, 517-31.
2012. “Sigvatr, Nesjavísur.” In SPSMA I, 556-77.
2012. “Anon, Liðsmannaflokkr.” In SPSMA I, 1014-28.

Dr John Ross

Qualifications: BA, MA: Victoria University of Wellington; PhD London

Contact details: j.c.ross@massey.ac.nz

Areas of expertise and interest

History of the book, in the UK and New Zealand (historical bibliography; I collaborated with K. A. Coleridge in contributing a chapter ‘Printing and production’ to the seminal study Book and Print in New Zealand: A Guide to Print Culture in Aotearoa, published in 1997); New Zealand literature; late 17th century and early-18th English literature, with especial interest in drama; Elizabethan and Jacobean drama and poetry; eighteenth century English novels. I have published, taught, and supervised or examined theses, in one or other of these fields. Since 2000 I have acted as lead examiner for two PhD theses, at Auckland and Massey Universities.

Selected Publications


George Eliot: A Bibliographical History. New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Publishers; London: The British Library, 2003. In collaboration with William Baker.

Harold Pinter: A Bibliographical History. London: The British Library; New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Publishers, 2005. In collaboration with William Baker.

The Lonely and the Alone: The Poetics of Isolation in New Zealand Fiction. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2011. In collaboration with Doreen D’Cruz.

Samuel Palmer of London, Printer (1717-1732): His Career, Printing and Ornament Stock. Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society. Forthcoming: submitted for copy-editing by the OBS editors; should be published in 2014 or 2015.


‘“Comedy Elevating Its Voice”: Tragic Intertextualities in Congreve’s The Double-Dealer.Bibliographical Society of Australia & New Zealand Bulletin [BSANZB], 25. 1& 2 (2001):135-44 (special issue: Printers & Readers: In Memoriam D. F. McKenzie 1931-1999). Reprinted in: Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700, 28. 2 (Fall 2004): 19-30.

‘Stephen Gosson and The Merchant of Venice,Notes & Queries, n.s. 50. 1 (2003): 36-37.

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‘Palmer, Samuel (bap. 1692, d. 1732), printer and historian of printing.’ ODNB, Vol. 528-29.

‘Robson, William (1785/6-1863), author and translator.’ ODNB, Vol. 47, p. 446.

‘Francis Twiss (bap. 1695, d. 1767), concordance compiler.’ ODNB, Vol. 55, pp. 732-33.

The Forerunner: An Intriguing New Zealand Little Magazine,’ BSANZB, 5th series, 28. 4 (2004 [published 2006]): 71-83.

Six short entries in: The Oxford Companion to the Book, edited by Michael F. Suarez & H. R. Woudhuysen. 2 vols. Oxford: OUP, 2010.

‘Charles Ackers Revisited: Biographical Details and Further Books,’ Script & Print: BSANZB 36. 2 (2012): 30-48.                          

Scholarly editing

The Turnbull Library Record, 37 (2004), for The Friends of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

Off the Record (2004 issue), for The Friends of the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Other writing (since 2000)


Review of: William Baker and Gerald N. Wachs, Tom Stoppard: A Bibliographical History. London: The British Library; New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll, 2010. Script & Print: BSANZB 37.1 (2013): 51-57.

Theatre reviewing for productions at Centrepoint Theatre and elsewhere, for The Dominion Post, or, more recently (since about 2008), for John Smythe’s website Theatreview.

Creative writing

‘“Companion of Ostriches”: The Testing of Job.’ One-act play, given amateur production, Wesley-Broadway Arts & Theology Centre, Palmerston North. Duplicated script now lodged with Playmarket, Wellington. Based on ‘The Book of Job,’ Old Testament.

‘Biblical Chicks.’ One-act play, given amateur production, same locale. Duplicated script now lodged with Playmarket. Four sequences, dealing with Eve, Mrs Noah, Hagar and Sarah, Ruth and Naomi.

‘Loyalty.’ Southern Ocean Review, 39 (April 2006): 33-35. Short story.

‘Belonging Somewhere.’ a fine line, November 2009, p. 21. Poem.

‘Hitting the Fan.’Poetry on Palmy: Poems about Palmerston North by Local Poets. Palmerston North: Published for Community Arts by Freedom Print, 2010 (unpaginated).

‘A Bofors Gun.’ a fine line, July 2011, p. 24. Poem.

‘Motelstown,’ ‘Being and not-yet-being.’ Poetry New Zealand, 47 (2013): 73-74. Poems.

‘A Routine Procedure.’ The Rangitawa Collection: Short Stories by New Zealand Authors 2013. Compiled and edited by Jill Darragh. Feilding: Rangitawa, 2013: 112-18.  Short story.

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