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Exchange with the History Programme of the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail

For Massey history/humanities students who have done French language at school or university, and would like more opportunity to use their French language, there is an exciting possibility to do an exchange with the History programme of the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail. 

Toulouse teaches a bilingual BA in History (as well as other humanities subjects).  This means that as an exchange student you would have to take two History courses in English (for instance Modern History and Medieval History) and two courses in French (this could include one French language course and there are a range of other (History or humanities) courses for the student to choose from.  While this will challenge you linguistically, this is recognised by the exchange agreement.  If you go on to do postgraduate work in History or any of the disciplines in our School or College your GPA will be taken over the courses that you complete at Massey.  You will therefore not be disadvantaged by a grade higher or lower than you might otherwise achieve doing the same paper in NZ.  (That is the same for all Massey exchange students).  What is unique about the Toulouse exchange agreement is that it has been created with exchanges in mind particularly for History/humanities students; in fact the first Toulouse history student will be enrolled at Albany in Semester Two this year.  It will work particularly well for students of Politics, English or Spanish where the bilingual degree at Toulouse also operates.  It is also possible for a student not to take the bilingual option and to do four courses or a whole semester studying in French. 

For New Zealand students studying at Massey the way the French university year works makes it easier to go to France for the first semester of the year which is their second semester running from the end of January to mid-June.  This enables you to be finished in Toulouse in order to be back for start the second semester at Massey.  A Massey student could do a full year by spending January to June in France and semester two in NZ.  Feel free to pass this information on to friends in first or second year of their BA degree.

There is some financial help with travel available from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College is keen to see more of its students taking up foreign exchanges at undergraduate  level. 

Toulouse is a bilingual city with French and Spanish as its official languages.  It is located in a very beautiful part of southern France with many exciting tourist and historic sites within easy distance by public transport.  It is also close to Spain and the members of the History Faculty at Toulouse II are friendly, hospitable and helpful.

Any students interested to know more about this exchange option please contact Kirsty Carpenter  It does require formal paperwork to comply with the Student Exchange regulations of Massey University, which means that it has to be planned at least a semester in advance.  Internal and extramural students are equally eligible but note that the exchange semester is necessarily a full-time semester.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more.

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