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Frequently Asked Questions about postgraduate study

Please check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

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Am I eligible for acceptance into the Postgraduate Programme in Psychology at Massey?

In order to be accepted into the Postgraduate Programme, you must have obtained an undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology, or its equivalent. If you have an undergraduate degree but do not have a major in Psychology, you can enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Arts or Graduate Diploma in Science, at Massey University and take eight undergraduate courses which will give you the equivalent of a Psychology Major. If you do not possess an undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology or its equivalent, you are not eligible for entrance into the Postgraduate Programme for any degree other than the MPhil, under special circumstances and only with the permission of the Head of School. You are also not eligible to take interest courses without a degree in Psychology or its equivalent.

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I think I have the equivalent of a major in Psychology, but I'm unsure. What can I do?

If you send a cover letter and a copy of your university transcript, we can look over your qualifications and assess your standing. However, this will take some time; do not send in such a request and expect a reply in under three (3) weeks. Therefore, if you have questions about your eligibility it is vital that you send such queries well in advance of any University deadlines for course enrolment. Finding out about enrolment deadlines and making an application WELL IN ADVANCE of such deadlines is the student’s responsibility.

Please send your queries to:

Academic Administrator - Professional Psychology
School of Psychology
Massey University
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

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I only wish to take a few courses in Psychology, either as part of another degree or to enhance my professional training. Is this possible?

If you are pursuing another Postgraduate degree you may opt to take some Postgraduate courses within the School of Psychology. This can be arranged by writing a letter to the Postgraduate Co-ordinator requesting approval. If you want to take one or two courses in the School of Psychology to enhance your professional development this is also possible. Interested persons should send a letter to the Postgraduate Studies Co-ordinator detailing their qualifications and reasons for wishing to take the particular course(s). Approval to take these interest courses will be granted if the qualifications are deemed suitable; students without an undergraduate degree in Psychology or its equivalent generally are not eligible to take interest courses. Written requests to take courses for interest or as part of a degree from another university should arrive at the School well in advance of the University deadlines for enrolment wherever possible. Please note that some Postgraduate courses within the School have a maximum limit of 25 students, and that normally students accepted into the Psychology Programme will have preference in obtaining a place in these courses.

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Must I enclose a transcript with my application for postgraduate study?

If you are a Massey University graduate and supply us with your ID number, we will retrieve your transcript for you for the application review process. If you are not a Massey University graduate you MUST supply an original or verified copy of your university transcript(s).

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Should I enclose a resume, CV or other details about my qualifications?

The information we request on the application form (academic grades, qualifications, honours, etc.) is all that we require to process your application. Since we are admitting people to an academic programme of study, we feel that the best indicators of the ability to successfully complete such a programme are past academic performance and achievement. Thus a transcript is sufficient for our purposes and additional documentation SHOULD NOT BE SENT. However, it may be that applicants have been away from academic study for some time, and so it is quite important to list any recent academic work, certification classes, and so on in the appropriate place on the application form.

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How are applicants chosen for the Postgraduate programme?

Applicants are chosen based on a weighted GPA (grade point average) formula. If you have questions about weighted GPA’s, please contact the Academic Administrator – Professional Psychology.

If you are admitted to a postgraduate programme you are not necessarily guaranteed a place in your preferred courses or guaranteed your preferred thesis supervisor. This is because our postgraduate class size for many courses is limited to 25 students, and we have only a finite number of lecturers available to provide research supervision.

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What if I am unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applicants may wish to consider taking additional undergraduate courses to increase their GPA and demonstrate current levels of achievement in their academic study. Many students who were initially unsuccessful in their application have later been admitted for Postgraduate study after taking additional courses and performing well. However, taking such courses offers no guarantee of acceptance into the programme the following year.

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Can I study part-time?

You can study part-time for most diplomas & degrees at the postgraduate level. Students wishing to enrol part-time should be mindful of the time frames to complete postgraduate study:

  • BA or BSc Honours: 1 year full-time, 3 years part-time
  • MA: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time (5 years without Distinction/Merit)
  • MSc or MHlthSc: 2 years full-time, 5 years part-time (6 years without honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Arts or Science (Psychology): 1 year full-time, 3 years part-time (4 years without Distinction/Merit)
  • Doctorate: 2 - 4 years full-time, 3 - 6 years part-time

Note: The Doctor of Clinical Psychology programme (DClinPsych) can ONLY be undertaken on a full-time basis.

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Can I study from off-campus?

Postgraduate courses are able to be completed off-campus. Most of our postgraduate courses are offered in "Block Mode" which requires students to be on campus for either one or two weeks during the semester(s), while the bulk of studying and assignments are completed at home. Students should be aware that attendance at the on-campus portions of all Block Mode courses is COMPULSORY.

The Masters thesis and research projects for the Honours degree may also be completed at a distance. Supervision at a distance should involve some form of regular contact. This contact may be by telephone, fax, skype, email and occasional visits to the campus where your supervisor is located. Individual meetings with research supervisors on campus at negotiated intervals are also required; such regularly scheduled meetings are mandatory when pursuing the PhD at a distance.

Students need to be aware that the DClinPsych is a FULL-TIME programme of study which requires compulsory weekly attendance on-campus. It may only be taken internally.

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How much will it cost?

Information about Fees can be obtained from the University website:

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Application Forms

The Massey Enrolment web pages at provide access to the enrolment processes and information required to enrol at Massey Iniversity.

There are additional specific deadlines, application forms and processes required for application for postgraduate programmes in Psychology. This information is available from our web pages Application processes for postgraduate programmes in Psychology.

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Email list (psych-grad)

It is strongly recommended that postgraduate students subscribe to the psych-grad email list which serves as a virtual notice board for students and staff.  Students may ask questions, request survey participants or share other information related to their postgraduate study or research in Psychology on this list.  The postgraduate studies coordinator will use it to post notices about such things as new scholarship opportunities, school seminars or information courses.

The procedure is similar for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Please just send a message as follows with <LISTNAME> replaced by the name of the list desired.

with either the subject or body of:
or to unsubscribe

eg      to subscribe to psych-grad use this link to:, which already has the subject line of "subscribe psych-grad"

All email lists at Massey University use the address in the form of

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SPSS software

The Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) software is available to Massey postgraduate students on their personal computers (PC.Mac/Linux) using a remote desktop application to connect to Massey computers running the software under the negotiated site-license. There is no charge for this type of access to SPSS or AMOS.  Contact Harvey Jones for the most recent set of instructions for access to the software and methods to access data files for analysis. Student access to detail for this type of access will be available soon on the MyHub portal under the Technology - Software section.  The AMOS application for structural equation modeling is also available via this type of remote access.

Other software available to students

There is also a range of other software available to students which may installed on a personal computer or accessed remotely.  Software includes EndNote, Office 365, NVivo, and Qualtrics.  Check out the MyHub portal for more details

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Registration as a Psychologist

For information regarding registration, please see the following section:

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Students wishing to apply for scholarships should view the below link for more information:

Scholarships and awards


Telephone: 0800 MASSEY (0800 627739)

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