PGDipPsychPrac - Introduction
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The Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice (PGDipPsychPrac) is a one-year internship programme preparing selected applicants, who already have a Masters degree in Psychology, for Registration under the Psychologist Scope of Practice.  

Psychologist Scope of Practice

The Psychologist Scope covers a wide variety of types of professional psychological work, including for example, practitioners in organizational, community and rehabilitation psychology roles.  Demonstration of the Core Competencies specified by the Psychologists Board for all Psychologists is pre-requisite for registration under the Psychologist Scope.  The vocational scopes (currently clinical, counseling and educational) specify particular additional competencies. The New Zealand Psychologists Board makes clear that although use of a particular title (such as Educational Psychologist) is restricted by Scope, practice is not restricted by scope; rather, all psychologists are ethically and legally bound to practice within the bounds of their competence and the supervision they are receiving. A fuller statement of this clarification can be found at

The PGDipPsychPrac and the Psychology Workforce      

Previously, Psychology Masters graduates could become registered under the Psychologist Scope through a scheme called Supervision 2000.  The closure, in 2007, of Supervision 2000 severely constricted the options available, and hence negatively impacted the breadth of development of the Professional Psychologist workforce in New Zealand.  Massey University launched the PGDipPsychPrac in 2009 to address this gap. The PGDipPsychPrac is designed to simultaneously train psychology graduates to meet professional standards – and to respond to workforce development needs by training interns in any New Zealand location in psychology roles required by employers.

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