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Clinical psychology

Clinical psychologist in office

What is clinical psychology?

Clinical psychology is an applied branch of psychology which uses psychological techniques to help solve a wide variety of mental, physical, behavioural and relationship problems. Clinical Psychology Training at Massey University is a professional programme that trains students to become registered clinical psychologists. Students enrolled in the postgraduate diploma, the BA or BSc (Hons) or the MA or MSc degrees in psychology can apply for 700-level courses in clinical psychology, although priority is given to students who have been selected for Clinical Psychology Training. Students who intend to apply for Clinical Psychology Training later are advised to choose courses from this specialisation at 700-level, but must be aware that enrolment approval into these courses is not guaranteed.

More information is available in the Manual for Clinical Psychology Programme 2022, which provides an overview of the programme and its associated sequence of study.
Clinical_Programme_Manual_2022.pdf (2,233 KB)

Clinical psychology courses

  • 175.781 Understanding Mental Distress
  • 175.782 Clinical Psychology Assessment
  • 175.783 Clinical Psychology Interventions

Plus compulsory course:

  • 175.738 Psychological Research: Principles and Design

The clinical courses have restricted numbers and students selected for Clinical Psychology Training will have places reserved in these courses.

Students unsuccessful in obtaining a place in the clinical courses will be advised of the timeframe they have to enrol for replacement postgraduate psychology courses.