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What to expect

Psychologist talking in office with patient

The first appointment with your psychologist will consider your current needs and difficulties. This will be done by discussion with your psychologist and questionnaires. Your psychologist will then determine what treatment is most suitable for you. Your psychologist will explain any assessment or therapy programme to you, but please ask questions if you are unsure. Assessment and therapy are only carried out with your agreement, and therapy is a collaborative process between you and your psychologist.


Appointments at the Massey University Psychology Clinic are confidential. Your personal information will not be released to another person or agency without your written and expressed consent, except when your (or others') safety is deemed to be at high and imminent risk or when authorised by law. (This is a very rare event, so please ask for clarification if unsure.)

Your case may be discussed with a supervisor as necessary, to provide you with the best possible care. Case material may be used for teaching purposes, but only under strict assurance that identifying information will not be included unless you provide written permission. Clinical file audits also occur from time to time, to ensure best practice is occurring.