Congratulations Lisa McLaren

Congratulations to Lisa McLaren for all her work done on the Zero carbon Act in her capacity as the Coordinator of the Zero Carbon Act campaign at Generation Zero.

Her tireless coordination of Generation Zero’s grassroots campaign has resulted in Parliament now debating the Zero Carbon Bill. At the JCDR, McLaren is undertaking a PhD titled “The science of extreme citizen science”.

McLaren also recently was a panel member for a discussion on the ‘Effects of Climate Change in Our region’ out in Lower Hutt. Hosted by Professor James Renwick (2018 winner of the Prime Minister’s Science Communicator prize), McLaren presented on ‘Grassroots activism and the youth-led campaign for a Zero Carbon Act.’

Other panellists included:

·         Dr. Tim Naish (Professor in Earth Sciences, Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University): Topic: Sea level rise and Antarctic ice

·         Dr. Judy Lawrence (Senior Research Fellow, Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University): Topic: Resilience and adaptation in the Hutt Valley

·         Dr Pauline Harris (Chair, Society of Māori Astronomy Research & Traditions (SMART) & Lecturer, Science in Society, Victoria University): Topic: Ngā Takahuringā ō te ao: The effect of climate change on traditional Māori calendars