Lucy Kaiser presents at Resilience to Natures Challenge Natural Hazards Research Platform

JCDR Reseach Officer Lucy Kaiser recently presented her and Associate Professor Cassey Kenney’s research on ‘Whakaoranga Marae: Marae Risk and Resilience’ at the Resilience to Natures Challenge Natural Hazards Research Platform held at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington.

Kaiser and Kenney’s work looked at the role of marae in disaster context, using examples such as the Takahanga marae after the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake. The research noted the Takahanga Marae welfare hub provided 10,000 meals, sheltered about 500 people and registered 1000 people.

Kasier provided insight into the Māori perspective on risk, although reminding the audience that this was the perspective of one iwi. Risks are holistic and span multiple domains: metaphysical/spiritual, environmental, material and relational, and the knowledge of risk passed on through whakapapa (geneaology), pūrākau (stories), waiata (songs) and place names.

Kaiser then provided recommendations to mitigate risks, by detailing how we can focus on five aspects: Kotahitanga/unity; Identify priorities; Supporting kaumātua/elders; Engaging rangitahi/youth; and Whakawhanaungatanga/relationships.

To see Lucy’s presentation, click here.