Visitors from the Republic of Korea

korean visitors 1

Jane Rovins with our visitors in front of the disaster hub at Massey University campus

In December the Joint Centre for Disaster Research welcomed a group of disaster response policy leaders working at the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in the Republic of Korea.  They came to Wellington to learn about how disaster management is organised by the stakeholders in the Wellington Region. 

Thanks to the planning of Jane Rovins and Emily Campbell they attended the “It’s Our Fault” workshop, visited WREMO and had a field trip along the Wellington Fault carried out in cooperation of the JCDR and GNS Science. Thanks to every one of the JCDR, GNS and the East Coast Lab that held presentations and spoke for our guests.

Bruce, Russ and Miles with our visitors

The group exploring the Wellington Fault during a one-day field trip

Visiting GeoNet

Visiting GeoNet

Learning about tsunami evacuation zones

Learning about Tsunami evacuation zones