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Webinar and newsletter series

Engaging stakeholders in translating research into practice is a key aim of the Older Workers research programme.

Newsletters are prepared for stakeholders in the Max­imising Workforce Participation for Older Workers research programme, to keep these groups up to date on research progress and signpost new outputs from the programme. Biannual live webinarsare hosted by researchers in the Older Workers programme to share their findings, engage in a Q&A session, and consult stakeholders on the best methods for translating and disseminating these conclusions. Each webinar will address an area of key interest to persons representing or engaged with older workers. Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the webinar series to provide input into factors relevant to their area of expertise.

Contributing stakeholders who have established contact with the research team will receive an email invitation to view and participate in each webinar in the series at least one month prior to each event. Invitations will contain information on how to join in the discussion via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Other parties persons representing or engaged with older workers are encouraged to contact the Health and Ageing Research team to register their interest in participating in these events.

Live webinar events 2019-2022

Date Topic Link to video recording
May 2019 Attitudes and motivations of older workers: Impacts of health, quality of life and job satisfaction on workforce engagement and with­drawal. Webinar
Dec 2019 Reconciling work and care: Impact of caregiving on workforce engagement for older people. Webinar
May 2020 Supporting senior entrepreneurs: Op­portunities and barriers to starting business after 50. Webinar
Dec 2020 Fear and Loving in the time of COVID-19: Diverse experiences of anxiety among older adults in Aotearoa/New Zealand Webinar
May 2021 Impact of COVID-19 on Aotearoa/New Zealand’s older workforce -
Feb 2022 The importance of housing and neighbourhoods for ageing well in Aotearoa Webinar
May 2022 Supporting Kaumātua entrepreneurs: Opportunities and barriers to starting business af­ter 50 for older Māori. -
May 2022 Senior Entrepreneurship in Aotearoa New Zealand (hosted by Department of Management, University of Otago) Webinar
Dec 2022 Employer needs and practices: Conclu­sions from consultation with New Zealand organ­isations. -