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Project GLOW - Publications & news items

Project GLOW: News items for publishing

Our research collaborators in Project GLOW are scattered around the globe.
The form below provides an option for researchers to advise us of any publications, grants, media coverage or other newsworthy items related to Project GLOW and published on the Project-GLOW website.

Ongoing development of our web pages associated with this project and the information you provide will help to publicise the work being done around the world on the topic of a global living organizational wage.

News item
Publications, grant success, media coverage of Project GLOW activities. The information in this section may be published in our publicly accessible web pages.

Please select the type of news item from the list provided.

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Supporting information
The supporting information you provide below is for the benefit of the Project GLOW collaborators and may be shared via the Project-GLOW subscriber list. Information provided with an associated approval for public access may be published openly on our web pages.

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Implications for Project GLOW

Implications for the Living Wage debate

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