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 Ending Poverty and Inequality research cluster


This cluster focuses on amplifying the contribution made by psychology to sustainable human flourishing, and to the eradication of poverty and inequality in particular. The cluster and its goals are aligned with those currently being articulated through a process of global consultation – the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals will guide human development initiatives globally for the next 15 years. Designed to be applicable in every country, the SDGs encompass, and are undergirded by, a range of specific targets from improving nutrition and sustainable agriculture, to gender equality, sustainable livelihoods, climate change, citizenship, social inclusion and change, global mobility, and the promotion of peace justice and inclusive societies for all ( 

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Project-GLOW: Global Living Organizational Wage

The heart of this international collaborative research project is one foundational question - using Purchasing Power Parity, Is there a Global Living Wage that enables people, organizations and communities to prosper and thrive?
Check out our more comprehensive information at Project GLOW: Global Living Organizational Wage. (

Project FAIR

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise the important of equal pay for work of equal value. This target clashes with the global and cross-sector of paying often radically different, “dual salaries” to professionals from lower-income versus higher-income countries, even though they work together on the same job, with similar background and experiences. Project FAIR is a partnership between the NGO sector, salary professionals, and a range of Universities and research groups, including EPIC, to find more sustainable alternatives to the dual salary institution.

The project report provides a full overview of Project FAIR, including background to the project, method, and analysis and discussion of findings.


Siautu Alefaio - Auckland
Stuart C. Carr - Auckland
Kerry Chamberlain - Auckland
James Liu - Auckland
Leigh Coombes - Manawatu
Natasha De Faria - Auckland
Jocelyn Handy - Manawatu
Stephen Hill - Manawatu
Darrin Hodgetts - Auckland
Mandy Morgan - Manawatu
Natasha Tassell-Matamua - Manawatu
Clifford van Ommen - Auckland
Amanda Young-Hauser - Auckland

Associate members

Niki Harre - Auckland University
Ottilie Stolte - Waikato University


Darrin Hodgetts

Stuart Carr