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241.106 Chinese for Heritage Speakers A (15 credits)

The course is designed for Chinese heritage speakers who want to improve their reading and writing proficiency at the pre-advanced level. The course covers the Chinese Romanization (Pinyin) system, knowledge of most frequent radicals, basic construction of characters, dictionary use and some complex grammatical structures.

Note(s): Heritage speakers typically possess aural and oral skills but limited reading and writing skills. The term refers to those 1) born in a Chinese-speaking country but who received limited formal education in that country up to the second grade, or 2) who were born in a non-Chinese-speaking country but raised in a home where Mandarin (or Mandarin and another dialect) was spoken and possess limited reading and writing skills in Chinese.

Intermediate non-native (L2) proficiency refers to students with Chinese NCEA Level 2, or those with up to two years’ formal study in China.

Students enrolling in this paper for the first time must complete the following form: Chinese language ability declaration.

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