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Bachelor of Health Science (Integrated Human Health)

Key facts

  • Available via Distance Learning
  • Some courses available on campus
  • Not available for international students

Study for a meaningful career

With a Massey Bachelor of Health Science (Integrated Human Health) you’ll kick-start a career that will help you solve the big health challenges of the 21st century.

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What is it like?

Create healthy workplaces

Massey’s Bachelor of Health Science (Integrated Human Health) will give you a broad and applied knowledge of the impact of biological and environmental factors on health.

Make a difference to the nation’s health

Health is complex – it’s important to have an appreciation of the multifactorial nature of health if we want to improve health outcomes for ourselves and our communities. This major takes an integrated approach to understanding the latest science of good health. You’ll explore a range of factors that determine human health, including sleep, exercise, nutrition, genetics and the environment.

Gain vital knowledge and skills in the relevant human bioscience areas to understand the impact of these crucial factors on body function and their vital role in achieving and maintaining good health. You’ll also learn about intervention and prevention strategies and their role in improving health outcomes.

Study your way

You can choose whether to study on campus or by distance, to fit with your other commitments. Later, there’s the opportunity to progress your studies further as a health researcher by enrolling in programmes like a Master of Health Science or PhD.

A good fit if you:

  • Want a career in any one of several specialist health-related fields
  • Have a passion for improving health outcomes and addressing inequities
  • Are solution-focused, hands-on and enthusiastic
  • Want to understand how the human body functions
Ian Militoni
Bachelor of Health Science (Integrated Human Health)
Currently studying towards a Master of Health Science (Bioscience)

“My Integrated Human Health major has provided me with the necessary tools and acquired knowledge to continue my passion into health science research…”

"I started my tertiary education many moons ago. Like many other Pasifika students, due to being young, having high expectations and pressure from the family, in addition to financial and unforeseen family circumstances, I dropped out of University with poor grades and minus a degree. As a result, my health suffered tremendously both mentally and physically. Over the ensuing 15 to 20 years I experienced a whole range of health disorders.

Now, I can't give you a specific event or occasion in my life, but around five years ago, I came to the realisation that I needed to do something about my poor health and wellbeing. This started me down the whole rabbit hole of health science and population health, including my own health research journey in general. Firstly, from reading health blogs and watching you-tube videos, subsequently improving my health quite dramatically through basic lifestyle changes.

Still, I knew I needed more. I needed to know what was accurate and inaccurate information in the context of the health science realm as there remains a lot of misinformation out there. Also, I knew that good health was more than just diet and exercise changes. So many other factors play a role in which many are out of one's control. Therefore, I decided I needed to finish my university degree and tertiary education.

Massey provided me with that lifeline to finish my university degree, and for that, I'll always be in gratitude. Not only did they provide an opportunity for those like me that did not do so well in their last study programme, but they also offered distance programmes for those like me that were currently employed full-time and wanted the opportunity to study while working.

One of the services that helped me significantly as a distance student was Massey's online learning platform. The Stream site provided me with the opportunity to connect peers and teaching staff, watch online lectures, lessons or presentations, submit assessments and much much more.

Specialisation and majors within the health science programme itself provide students with an opportunity to diversify into their own areas of interest or research topics. My Integrated Human Health major has provided me with the necessary tools and acquired knowledge to continue my passion into health science research. And hopefully, I'll make a contribution in my field of interest (being Pacific Island health) one day.

I would thoroughly recommend Massey as a study institution. Not only for those in full-time employment or tied-up in life in general but also for those with future ambitions or aspirations in providing essential knowledge in specific research areas within the health science field."


The Bachelor of Health Science (Integrated Human Health) will equip you to work in many different fields where you’ll be encouraging people to improve their health. Employment opportunities include working on health and wellbeing initiatives in:

  • Local health authorities
  • Local and national governments
  • Schools and universities
  • Corporate companies
  • Charities and funding bodies
  • Research institutes
  • Health and fitness centres

Lecturer profile

Dr Barry Palmer
Senior Lecturer in Life Sciences, School of Health Sciences

"I find the complexity and intricacy of living things enthralling. Health scientists have made great progress in understanding the biological processes underlying health and disease, but there is still much to learn. The Integrated Human Health major allows the study of a broad range of courses to reflect the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of human health. Students can focus their major on particular interests such as community nutrition, sleep/wake science or exercise and health, and develop skills relevant to many roles in the health workforce."

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