Graduate Diploma in Business Studies

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See the regulations and courses for this programme.

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Entry requirements

Admission to the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies requires that a candidate will:

  1. Meet the University admission requirements as specified; and shall
  2. Have been awarded or qualified for a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent; or
  3. Have demonstrated equivalent practical, professional and/or scholarly experience.

Prerequisites and Progression

Some courses have specified courses as prerequisites which must be met before enrolling in a course. Meeting prerequisite regulations may require a student to study courses in addition to those specified for the Graduate Diploma.

The Progression requirement states students may not normally enrol for any 200-level course unless they have passed at least 45 credits at 100-level, nor enrol for any 300-level course unless they have passed at least 45 credits at 200-level

Candidates are deemed to have met the general University progression requirement for 200-level courses if they have been awarded any Degree, Diploma or Certificate at NZQA level 5 or above.

Please note: No 100-level credits can be included in the Graduate Diploma.


Waivers from prerequisites may be granted on the basis of university passes gained before enrolment in the Graduate Diploma. Formal application is needed to establish if a waiver is a possibility. You can find the Waiver of Prerequisite form at the following link:

You should also note the following:

  1. All courses carry the credits value of the year in which the course was passed. Courses passed in 2006 or earlier were measured in points. Each 12.5 points is equal to 15 credits. Points for courses with values other than 12.5 will be converted on the same ratio (ie 1 point = 1.2 credits).
  2. Failing courses a second time, or failure to pass at least half the credits you are enrolled in, triggers the application of the regulations dealing with Unsatisfactory Academic Progress and may result in an exclusion from a course, programme or the Massey Business School.

For general entry requirements see Massey University entry requirements.

Credits and prior learning

Students may apply for cross credit of up to 45 credits at 200-level from a completed BBus degree to a GradDipBusStuds. Students with other Massey University degrees which include up to 45 credits at 200-level from Part II of the Schedule for the BBus Degree of the Massey Business School will also be eligible for credit. Where students are seeking an endorsement they must meet the relevant GradDipBusStuds endorsement requirements.

Courses passed at other universities or for non-university qualifications will not be recognised for credit to the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies at Massey University, but could earn an exemption, which would mean passing an approved alternative course.

Courses which are not part of a completed qualification and which are listed in Part II of the Schedule for the BBS Degree of the Massey Business School may also be credited. Courses from other incomplete Massey University courses may also be recognised.

Progressing on to a BBus degree

When the credits have been achieved and a decision is made to study for the BBus degree and no application is made to graduate with the award, all 200- and 300-level credits can form part of the degree. An awarded GradDipBusStuds may also be surrendered which will allow courses to transfer over to the BBus – please seek academic advice regarding how courses can fit.   


All candidates commencing study towards the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies on or after 1 January 2017 must satisfy the requirements as specified in these regulations.

Candidates who commenced study towards the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies prior to 2017, and who have successfully completed at least 45 credits towards the Diploma, may complete under the regulations as specified in the 2016 University Calendar

These transition regulations expire 31 December 2019.

Planning your programme

The Graduate Diploma may be awarded simply as the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, ie not endorsed. In this case, the wide range of courses available means there is considerable flexibility in your choice of courses. You can pick and choose your own package of courses from the BBus Schedule to suit your interests or career plans.

Where a student seeks to include a course from outside the Massey Business School, written application must be made to obtain approval from the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s office, normally prior to enrolment in the course.

The Graduate Diploma may also be awarded with a formal endorsement in a particular subject area, in which case you will be required to pass a set course of study. See below for a list of endorsements available. However, where two or more separate Graduate Diplomas are sought, students must apply for approved substitutes for any common compulsory courses.
If you know the endorsement you are interested in you must nominate it on your enrolment form so that your intended course can be checked by an administrator to make sure you meet all specified prerequisites.

To be eligible to graduate, each student must show that they have met the requirements of a set of regulations for a specific year in which they were enrolled for the qualification they seek.

Graduate Diploma in Business Studies structure

Candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies shall follow a flexible programme of study, which shall consist of courses totalling at least 120 credits at 200 level or above, comprising:

(a) courses selected from the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies schedule;

(b) at least 75 credits at 300 level;

and including:

(c) attending Contact Workshops, block courses, field trips, studios, workshops, tutorials, and laboratories as required.

Notwithstanding Regulations 2, up to 45 200-level credits may be cross-credited from a completed Massey University degree provided that the courses are listed in Schedule B of the Bachelor of Business or the Bachelor of Retail and Business Management schedule.


These regulations should be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including the General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates

Majors or endorsements

The endorsements currently offered for the GradDipBusStuds by Massey University are as follows.

Please note that although some endorsements are not available at a particular campus, many can be completed through a combination of internal and distance learning courses, ie as a mixed-mode student.

How much will it cost?

We can't tell you the exact cost until you have chosen your courses, as the tuition fees you pay each year vary depending on the courses you choose. There will also be compulsory non-tuition fees you have to pay in addition to your tuition fees. For some courses there may be other charges for things such as study resources, software, trips and contact workshops.

To get an approximate idea of tuition costs for typical study areas, you can use our quick guide to programme fees.

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Financial assistance

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