Global Citizen Student Experiences

APEC Voices of the Future Forum

APEC 2017 Anne-Sophie with PM.jpg Anne-Sophie Page is the most recent winner of the scholarship. She joined the New Zealand delegation taking part in the week-long 2017 Forum in Da Nang, Vietnam, involving 115 youth delegates from around the world.

“The opportunity to listen to the thoughts of leaders in both politics and business on some of the key issues facing the modern world was one of the most valuable aspects of the APEC Voices of the Future programme. The summit consisted of panel discussions, with some keynote speakers that focused on topics like the Future of Globalisation. The main keynote addresses came from President Rodrigo Duterte, President Donald Trump, and President Xi Jinping.

On the final morning of the Summit, the opportunity to have breakfast with the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, along with the rest of the New Zealand delegation attending the summit was made available. The table arrangements saw youth delegates seated at different tables amongst some of the most influential economic leaders in New Zealand. It was a humbling experience to be included in conversations with such prominent people and have our opinions heard and valued.

The week spent in Vietnam wasn’t all politics and business though, we were given time to explore the city and the countryside. As a group, we visited orphanages, villages and the attractions that surrounded Da Nang and Hoi An. We indulged in the local cuisine, immersed ourselves in the Vietnamese culture and spent the nights getting to know the fellow 16 economies.  

APEC Voices of the Future was an incredible experience. The topic of international relations has been a long-held interest of mine and belonging to the NZ delegation has given me a strong perspective and insight on the collaborative approach needed to address the Asia Pacific region’s issues. I took full advantage of this opportunity, and I encourage any future Massey delegates to do the same.”

Api Taiapa was the recipient of the 2018 APEC Voices scholarship, which was a life-changing experience. Massey student at APEC chronicles Api's experiences.


Caitlyn Poole received funding through the PMSA to participate in intensive language courses in China before spending two semesters of study at Chengdu University where she will continue her study of Mandarin.

She has written about her experiences in China, involving an AsiaNZ Foundation Business Internship and the PMSA, how they have shaped her views of China and New Zealand, and why she sees studying in China as part of her Massey studies as valuable.

Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals Scholarship

Youth for SDG group.jpg The United Nations and the Peace Boat offer scholarships each year focusing on advocacy towards the Sustainable Development Goals within the Latin America region. Anne-Sophie was also one of the 2018 recipients who joined a group of students from all over the world in this three-week opportunity.

“Although locations change every year, we spent three days in Panama living in indigenous communities and having opportunities to interact and work with the head UNDP office of Latin America. We then sailed to Costa Rica and finished in Mexico for three days. It was a trip that completely changed my perspective and I wanted to share some reflections.

These past weeks I have taken a step back from Uni and pursued aspects of life that truly drive me. That light a fire within. Habits that I correct my mental wheel alignment.

For those wanting context, earlier this year I received a global scholarship from the United Nations in conjunction with the non-government organisation, Peace Boat, to advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Two months later, I find myself sailing up the coast of Latin America. A region that gives a new definition to the meaning of sweat. Where parrots land on your head. Where rainforests tower over you. Where people express their emotions and identity through dance. Where there is a fine line between violence and peace, honesty and corruption, poverty and wealth. All this and the extent of my Spanish competency consists of one word: gracias.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in essence, categorise the issues that our world faces under 17 headings. These include poverty, hunger, gender inequality, climate change, etc. The compartmentalisation of these issues gives both public and private sectors tangible objectives to work toward. They are a crucial framework for bringing about change.”

HUAWEI SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE – Simon Barnes (Photo supplied by Britney Pringle)

Simon Barnes.jpg “The Huawei Seeds for the Future program was an incredible two-week program that I was fortunate enough to attend along with three other Massey students, with 20 of us total from different universities in New Zealand. The program is a Corporate Social Responsibility program led by Huawei to engage with leading technology students by sending them to China for a two-week cultural and technology learning experience.

The first week we arrived in Beijing and were taken to see a number of sights including The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City. During the week we learnt Mandarin, Tai Chi and Calligraphy and visited some amazing restaurants for Lunch & Dinner. The second week we flew to Shenzhen where we were amazed by the scale of the city, we also witnessed a light show that lit up the entire city. At this point, we met up with the teams from Malaysia, Brunei and Ireland. We got to spend our meals together with them and visit a few sights together. It was a great way for us to bond with the other teams and share the experience with them.

In Shenzhen we learnt about Huawei as a company, we also learnt about how to set up a 4g & 5g network and how the entire network connects a device to the internet. We also learnt about the benefits of 5g and how IoT will be made more accessible with the introduction of 5g. We finished the trip with a graduation ceremony and a dinner with the New Zealand team. Overall, the trip was a fantastic opportunity, we made new friends and connections from both New Zealand and from the international teams, and we learnt a lot about Huawei, the NZ Embassy and their role in China and about China as a country.”


Lucy Manahi.jpg “I was quite nervous before attending the “Belt and Road University Alliance for Food Science and Education School of Food Science and Technology” in Wuxi, China. Having limited knowledge of speaking Mandarin and no chopstick skills, I knew this trip would be a challenge. But, it turned out to be the best experience I've had to date! Jiangnan University in Wuxi is a world leader in terms of Food Technology, with incredible facilities and teaching staff. 

Waking up each morning to attend lectures, eat delicious, authentic Chinese cooking, and walk through a beautiful campus felt like a dream come true. I was learning topics like thermal processing and food history from lecturers who came from top universities from across the world, and I even learnt how to make gelato from a professional Italian chef! But the one thing which made the trip was the people that attended. 

Although we were from all corners of the world, the language barrier didn't prevent us from creating amazing memories and forming friendships through the love of food science! From night-time trips to Nanchan Temple, walking through the ancient Xijindu streets, and tasting 21-year-old vinegar from the Huishan Vinegar factory, gave me a great insight into the rich history of the Chinese culture, and to experience all those incredible sights with my new-found friends made it all the more special. 

This trip really inspired me both as a person and a future food technologist, as it really opened my eyes to all the incredible opportunities that are out there; whether that be travelling to new destinations or seeing a different food culture.”

PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL OF PERFORMANCE DESIGN AND SPACE - Emma Davidson, Sophie Harkness, Oscar Keys, Shyam Patel, Hannah Cundy

Prague Quadrennial.jpg “As a student group of fourth-year Spatial Design students, we were selected to be a part of the design team to represent New Zealand in the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ).

Working alongside Massey University lecturers; Stuart Foster, Meg Rollandi and Sven Mezhoud, the project took form through processes of ideation, research, conceptual design, development design, 1:1 scale prototype as well as material exploration.

The exhibition titled ‘Te āhua tū wātea’ loosely translates to an open space of possibilities and potential, a space where performance may form, inhabit, emerge and begin. Influenced by Maori and Pacific waka, the exhibition performed as a vehicle and platform for interaction, negotiation and display. A vehicle of transformation, moving and shifting both in form and in nature between audio-visual media and performance, a space of dialogue.

PQ aimed at honouring, empowering and celebrating the work of designers, artists and architects across the globe while inspiring and educating its audience. It was a humbling and rewarding experience to be a part of and has us excited for what the future brings in the design industry.”