How to apply for the student exchange programme

Las Vegas USA.jpg Step 1:  Contact a Student Mobility Coordinator for information and advice

A Student Mobility Coordinator will be able to give you information on where you can study, what courses you can take there, details about the host university you’re interested in, and will also guide you through the application process.

Step 2:  Check the eligibility requirements and application deadlines

Students currently enrolled in a degree programme at Massey who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to apply.  The application deadlines are:

Exchange during Semester One:  15 June (year prior)
Exchange during Semester Two:  1 September (year prior)

Late applications can be accepted for some universities. Contact us for details.

Step 3: Choose the universities to list on your application

The Outbound Exchange application will ask you to rank your top three preferences. Begin by searching for universities offering the subjects you are studying at Massey. Follow the links on the university pages to ensure the universities offer enough relevant courses to equate to 60 Massey credits. 

While exchange placements are plentiful at most institutions, there are some Limited Placement Universities. You may only apply to one Limited Placement University. It is necessary to meet the requirements below in order for it to be eligible for consideration.

  • The Limited Placement University must be listed as your first choice on your application.
  • Your second and third choices may not be a Limited Placement University. 
  • Your application must be complete by the deadline.

You do not have to choose a Limited Placement University as one of your preferences.

Step 4:  Submit Massey’s Outbound Exchange Application

You will need to list two referees as part of your application. One of them must be an academic reference from a Massey faculty member.  Ensure your referees are aware we will contact them once you clear the initial screening. This should be done before you submit your Outbound Exchange Application.

Contact if you have any questions about completing your application.

Applying through ISEP

ISEP requires both of your referees to be from a Massey academic faculty member.  Please list two academic referees on our Outbound Exchange Application.

Step 5:  Choose courses you want to take at the host institution

You can find links to the host institution's course catalogs on each of our partner's pages.  When selecting courses/modules/units at the host university, be sure your choices are available to exchange students. Many universities have restrictions on what exchange students can study, and often have specific lists which students can choose from.

Choose six to eight courses so you have several back-up options in case of a timetable or exam clash. Submit an Exchange Course Selection Form for each university you are applying to attend.

Step 6:  Interview with the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will review your application documents, Massey grades and reference letters. Applying for exchange also involves an interview with representatives from the Student Mobility Team and your College. We will send you information about the interview once we have processed your application.

After the interview, the Selection Committee will inform you whether you have been approved for the exchange programme. The committee may wait until the current semester's results are released before making a decision on your application, to ensure that you have the required grade average.

Step 7:  Apply to attend your host university

If you are approved by the student exchange selection committee, you will be invited to apply for admission to the host university. The Student Mobility Coordinator will help you apply and will forward your completed application documents to the host university.

The likelihood being accepted by the host university is very good, but the decision about whether to accept you is ultimately with the host university. Wait until you receive confirmation of acceptance from the host university before you purchase airline tickets or make any binding commitments.

The average processing time for our partner universities to assess exchange applications is two months. You will need to be patient during this time as you wait for a decision from the host university.