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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to study at Massey University to qualify for Te Rau Puawai?

Yes. You can study internally at one of Massey's three North Island campuses, or you can study by distance:

Is Te Rau Puawai a training programme or course?

Te Rau Puawai does not deliver any courses but provides you with a scholarship and learning support. If you are accepted into the programme, you cannot apply to other funding agencies or organisations for the purpose of paying your university fees.

Do I have to study a set qualification?

Yes. Te Rau Puawai is focussed on enhancing the Māori mental health workforce. The qualifications identified that contribute to the priorities of the Māori mental health workforce are:

However you can study a combination of these. For example a Bachelor of Social Work can also include Psychology, Social Policy, Economics, Human Development and Māori courses.

What if I don't know what studies to enrol in?

Contact our office to request course information and assistance with course planning.

Can I study part-time?

Yes. You can enrol in anywhere between one course per year or eight courses per year (full-time study load). The average part-time study load is two-three courses per year, depending on your other commitments.

What time commitment is expected?

If a course is worth 15 credits, then you need to allocate 15 hours to your studies per week for that course. If a course is worth 30 credits, then you should allocate 30 hours, etc.

Can I study full-time and work full-time?

No. A full-time study load would not allow for full-time employment as well.

Can I change from part-time to full-time or visa versa in future?

Yes, you can change your study load as needed.

If I study by distance, do I have to travel to a Massey campus?

For some courses you may be required to attend an on-campus course workshops once or twice a semester for one or two days. It may also be possible to attend an on-campus course workshop at Auckland or Christchurch.

For other courses, your attendance may be voluntary, however, if your application is successful we may direct you to attend your voluntary course workshop to enhance your academic performance. 

What learning and personal support does Te Rau Puawai provide?

We provide the following support to our bursars:

  • An academic mentor
  • An academic support tutor
  • Individual assignment preparation or other study related learning support sessions
  • Access to undergraduate and postgraduate study related workshops
  • Visits from the Te Rau Puawai team to your home or workplace
  • Access to the Te Rau Puawai whānau. A network of students studying from Kaitaia to Invercargill, at all levels in Māori mental health related areas
  • Access to Te Rau Puawai website and discussion groups
  • Access to a computer, printer and the internet, based at the Manawatū campus

Do I have any responsibilities as a Te Rau Puawai bursar?

Yes. All our bursars are required to:

  • Complete the courses undertaken through Massey University
  • Attend classes, contact workshops and exams
  • Attend Te Rau Puawai conferences and seminars
  • Maintain regular fortnightly contact with the Te Rau Puawai support team
  • Focus studies and employment in the area of Māori mental health
  • Display leadership and role model behaviour

Do I still enrol at Massey University as well as applying for Te Rau Puawai?

Yes. The two applications are separate processes. If your application with Te Rau Puawai is not successful, you can continue to apply to Massey University and fund your own studies. 

Could I be eligible for cross-crediting or recognition of prior learning?

Yes. If you have studied a similar course at another university, you may be eligible for cross-crediting. If you have met the learning outcomes of a course, through your employment, voluntary work, community involvement or life experience, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning.

Do I have to apply for Te Rau Puawai again if I am successful?

Yes. A Te Rau Puawai application is valid for one year. 

Will my application be accepted after the due date has passed?

No. Only those applicants received on or by the due date will be forwarded to the Board for consideration. Applications must be of a quality standard and reflect your commitment to working in the Māori mental health service.

When do I find out if I have been successful?

In late December or early January. Applying for Te Rau Puawai does not guarantee you a place on the programme. If you are not successful, you can choose to withdraw from your studies by the due date identified by Massey University. Please note there are separate dates for withdrawal without financial or academic penalty.

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