Online learning skills

As part of your study at Massey University you may use online learning environments. Massey's main online learning environment is called Stream.

Many Massey courses integrate Stream with conventional learning resources to enrich the students’ learning experience. Once enrolled, you are automatically given access to the Stream site, where you will find a guide to help you learn to use Stream effectively.

Some basic skills that you will need include:

  • Know the procedures for accessing the Internet through your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Know how to operate the basic search and navigation features of a Web browser
  • Know how to use e-mail to send and receive messages and attachments
  • Know how to download and open PDF documents
  • Know how to store and retrieve electronic documents for future use
  • Be comfortable reading and contributing to online discussion groups
  • Be comfortable writing papers using a word processing application
  • Be comfortable using your computer with several windows open at the same time

For more information on skills as well as computer requirements see Stream online skills and computer requirements.