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Confirmation of Registration

At confirmation candidates are assessed on their ability to defend the research for their doctorate. The confirmation due-date is within 12 months of the provisional registration start-date for full-time PhD students, and within 18 months of the start-date for part-time PhD students.  The latest confirmation due-date is 12 months after the provisional registration start-date for DClinPsych candidates, who must be full-time students.


Doctoral Candidates

You should:

  • Submit a 3,000-10,000 confirmation proposal to the confirmation committee via your primary supervisor
  • Detail how you have met the requirements set out in the Confirmation of Registration Requirements (Part F in the Application for Provisional Registration)
  • Present orally on your research project for 20-30 minutes at a postgraduate research seminar in your academic unit
  • Defend your proposal in front of the confirmation committee, and demonstrate relevant abilities and knowledge
  • Make sure you you have read the Confirmation of Registration Process Guidelines

Primary Supervisor

You should:

  • Complete the first section of the confirmation report and forward it to the confirmation panel chair
  • Assist the Head of Unit and candidate in the organisation of the event
  • Familiarise yourself with the Confirmation of Registration Process Guidelines for Supervisors and Head of Academic Units

Head of Host Academic Unit/Nominee

You should:

  • Appoint a confirmation committee in consultation with the primary supervisor and assume overall responsibility for the confirmation event, ensuring that it occurs to the deadline notified by the Graduate Research School
  • Complete the confirmation report, and forward it to the Graduate Research School for formal consideration by the University’s Doctoral Research Committee

Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) or Graduate  Research School (GRS) Administration

The Graduate Research School will send a reminder to the candidate, primary supervisor and Head of Unit two months prior to the due date. The Doctoral Research Committee will review the confirmation committee’s report and do one of the following:

  • grant full registration
  • require the confirmation of registration be extended for a maximum of 6 months beyond the due-date
  • ask the candidate to withdraw from study
  • terminate the candidature

The candidate and academic unit may be required to repeat part or all of the confirmation event. Only one extension is allowed.