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Orianne Thionnet

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Health


Thesis Title
Influence of filler particles on the microstructure and properties of model mozzarella cheese

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Food products require regular redevelopment to remain continuously more attractive to consumers and more competitive in price, and Mozzarella cheese is no exception. This usually involves changes in processing conditions and formulation that can dramatically affect the properties of the product. Hydrocolloids (stabilisers) are often used in cheese to compensate for undesirable effects. However, the way hydrocolloids affect the cheese structure and properties is not fully understood. Ms Thionnet proposed a systematic approach to advance the understanding of how filler hydrocolloid particles can affect the structure and properties of Mozzarella cheese. She introduced an innovative way to produce Mozzarella cheese at laboratory scale. Model particles were chosen to understand the effect of various parameters on the cheese, using analytical techniques such as microscopy, rheology and light scattering particle sizing. Ms Thionnet’s research has provided valuable insights for food design, with commercial significance for the dairy industry.

Professor Matt Golding
Dr Christine Coker
Dr Bryony James
Dr Mita Lad
Professor Peter Munro
Dr Palatasa Havea