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Paul Macdermid

Doctor of Philosophy, (Sport and Exercise Science)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Health


Thesis Title
Performance and physiological consequences of roll dynamics during cross-country mountain bike racing

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Understanding the interaction between physical exertion and subsequent physiological responses is vital if athletes or coaches are to improve human efficiency and thus sports performance. Mr Macdermid investigated the non-propulsive element of cross-country mountain biking through a series of novel field based studies performed on New Zealand mountain bike courses. Data from tri-axial accelerometers synchronised with a bicycle power meter enabled the separation of propulsive and non-propulsive work. Combined with the use of a breath-by-breath portable metabolic cart and heart rate monitor, indices of human efficiency were assessed. His research identified considerable exposure to impacts and vibrations with high levels of mechanical-soft tissue damping taking place to protect the central nervous system and brain during off-road riding. Reduction in exposure levels increased rider efficiency and was proposed as a means of performance enhancement and reduced injury risk.

Professor Steve Stannard
Dr Philip Fink