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Filomena Ng

Doctor of Philosophy, (Microbiology)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Identification and functional characterization of adhesins involved in attachment of methanogens to rumen protozoa

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Symbiotic interactions are frequently observed between microbes that reside in the fermentative forestomach (rumen) of ruminant animals. In this ecosystem, hydrogen-using methanogens (microbes that produce methane) can be found as symbionts of hydrogen-producing protozoa, and this interaction contributes to ruminant methane emissions. Symbionts must have the ability to attach to protozoal hosts, presumably via protozoa-binding cell surface proteins, however the identity and specificity of these proteins are not known. Ms Ng's research established methods for identifying methanogen adhesin proteins that can bind to protozoa, and determining the specificity of these proteins for different protozoal hosts. Her research will ultimately have an impact on the design of biotechnology tools for methane mitigation.

Dr Dragana Gagic
Dr Graeme Attwood
Dr Mark Patchett
Associate Professor Jasna Rakonjac

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