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Ibtisam Abbas

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Biomedical Integrated Circuit Design for an Electro-Therapy Device

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There is growing demand for technological improvement in healthcare. Bioelectronics device technology advancements that use the applications of electrical fields to treat disorders and diseases made the reliable CMOS biomedical integrated circuit design to meet medical needs more important and challenging. Bioelectronics device technology could potentially assist to treat terminal diseases and when therapeutic drugs become ineffective and cannot be replaced. Mrs Abbas developed the concept for an electro-therapy device capable of communicating with electro-active biological cells to investigate the effects of an electrical stimulation on human blood cellular proteins that could transform immune activity and induce anti-viral state. Her understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the biological cells and disease state that is dominated by protein-protein electrostatic interaction inspired her to explore an electro-medical treatment approach. Her research is considered beneficial in the development of knowledge in advanced CMOS technology design for electro-therapy devices and medical treatments applications assisting human health.

Associate Professor Rezaul Hasan
Professor Peter Xu