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Pramila Gamage

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Integration of Taguchi's Robust Parameter Design Approach in a Mature Lean Manufacturing Environment - The Case of the Apparel Industry

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Ms Gamage studied how two seemingly complementary operations management approaches, Lean Manufacturing and Taguchi''sRobust Parameter Design can be combined in an apparel manufacturing context to improve manufacturing performance. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research techniques she showed how the two approaches complement each other at both conceptual level and practical level. Empirical test results on her theoretical model implied that Lean practitioners in the apparel manufacturing industry view Taguchi''sparadigm as something that can be used to improve manufacturing performance through discontinuous improvement, rather than continuous improvement espoused in Lean. Through quality improvement experiments and participant observation methods her research showed how a mature Lean manufacturing firm in the apparel industry can change the status quo to build superior products at the product design stage rather than at the online quality control stage, to maximise customer satisfaction.

Dr Nihal Jayamaha
Professor Nigel Grigg