Lili Mi

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management)
Study Completed: 2019
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Strategic intent, FDI entry strategies, and emerging market MNEs’ subsidiary performance: The strategic fit approach

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Strategic intent is key to sustain a firm's competitive advantage. However, little is known about how emerging market multinationals have achieved their strategic intent. Ms Mi investigated how multinational enterprises achieve their strategic intent through the fit between strategic intent and firms' foreign direct investment strategies in location choice, entry mode, entry timing and investment intensity. To reveal a holistic picture of the fit conditions, Ms Mi employed two strategic fit approaches: the strategic fit as matching and the strategic fit as gestalts using multiple statistics techniques. She found that, based on the fit as matching approach, foreign direct investment strategies match strategic intent, but the intent-strategy match is not universally valid for all the intent-strategy combinations. Based on the fit as gestalts approach, she found four intent-strategy fit profiles: strategic prospector, strategic analyser, strategic defender, and natural resource seeker. Overall, strategic analysers performed better than the other fit profiles.

Dr Yuanfei Kang
Associate Professor Lynn Jeffrey
Dr Yulong Liu