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Dora Kuir-Ayius

Doctor of Philosophy, (Development studies)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Building Community Resilience In Mine Impacted Communities: A Study on Delivery of Health Services In Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea''s(PNG) high revenue from mineral resources is seen by some as a form of successful development, while others argue that the revenue flows are a contributing factor to the problematic use of compensation monies and growing inequalities, an increase in alcohol consumption and domestic violence. Ms Kuir-Ayius explored the delivery of health services to establish if these services contribute to or detract from the building of resilience in mining communities in PNG. She developed an indigenous framework through the community capitals approach to understand the interaction of capitals including social, political and cultural through a Melanesian lens in building resilience. The resulting data showed that levels of resilience were higher in the operational stage of mining in comparison to the beginning and after mine closure. Her results further revealed that building of community resilience is significant to achieve sustainable communities especially in the stage after mine closure.

Professor Glenn Banks
Dr Rochelle Stewart-Withers