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Marzieh Keshavarzi

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Ethephon-induced shoot production in two cultivars of gentian cultured in vitro: Anatomical, morphological and physiological aspects associated with endogenous balance of auxin and cytokinin

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For gentian as an export-orientated ornamental crop in New Zealand, this research was motivated by the industry goal of producing highly branched propagules in order to produce high quality pot plants. As part of the propagation system, application of ethephon as a plant growth regulator increases the formation of shoots of gentian cultured in vitro. Ms Keshavarzi investigated anatomical, morphological and physiological aspects of shoot formation and the mechanism by which shoot formation was influenced. Her main objectives were to investigate the origin of high shoot numbers, the effect of ethephon on shoot numbers and the underlying mechanisms behind ethephon’s effect on gentian. She proposed that a possible underlying mechanism was the effect of ethephon on endogenous balance of phytohormones. Her research can be applied to improve protocols to benefit future research as well as commercial production of gentian pot plants with a high number of shoots.

Dr David Woolley
Dr Keith Funnell
Professor Julian Heyes