Mohd Che Jusoh

Doctor of Philosophy, (Health)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Health


Thesis Title
The Effect of Sago Supplementation for Exercise in a Warm- Humid Environment

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Mr Che Jusoh aimed to develop a more sustainable way of fuelling athletes who face year-round tropical heat. In Malaysia, commercially available carbohydrate products are not necessarily affordable or accessible to those competing in sport. Mr Che Jusoh investigated whether a Malaysian starch, sago, was a suitable alternative to commercially available carbohydrate-based sport nutrition supplements. Being rapidly digestible and absorbed into the body quickly, it was suggested that sago meals would be suitable for consumption before, during and in recovery from exercise in a warm-humid environment. His research revealed that feeding sago before and during exercise conferred some physiological benefit but had no differential effect on exercise performance, whilst feeding sago during short-term recovery improved subsequent exercise performance in warm-humid conditions. He found that sago meals are safe, palatable, easily available, and potentially beneficial to consume before, during and after exercise in a Malaysian climate.

Associate Professor Toby Mundel
Professor Hugh Morton
Professor Steve Stannard