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Shakti Singh

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Interactions of moving particles and bubbles in air: a micro-level process approach

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Particulate materials are important to many industries including pharmaceuticals, paints, and of course food. Food powders include milk powders, cocoa, and flours. Controlling powder surface properties by coating particles is often key to achieving appropriate target attributes but achieving a fine, even coating at high speed is challenging. Mr Singh proposed and developed a new method of powder coating, using foams and bubbles. He observed single particles (large/small; smooth/rough) contacting single bubbles and recorded the resulting bubble-particle interactions by high speed video. Under certain conditions, particles penetrated a bubble which self-healed after impact. Under others, particles stuck to or slid over the bubble surface or the bubble burst to form fine droplets. Each phenomenon can offer a route to coat a particle singly or in combination.

Professor Richard Archer
Professor Jim Jones
Professor Clive Davies
Professor Matt Golding