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Stacey Kung

Doctor of Philosophy, (Sport and Exercise Science)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Health


Thesis Title
Age-related determinants of the walk-to-run transition in youth

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We walk and run on a daily basis, but it remains unclear at which point in our development gait maturity is achieved. The ability to effortlessly adjust gait during the walk-to-run transition may be a good indicator of gait maturity. Ms Kung investigated differences in how youth and adults determined the preferred speed at which to transition from walking to running. She also explored whether age-related differences existed in the determining factors of the preferred transition speed. The results indicated that children use more exploratory behaviours when adjusting their gait during the walk-to-run transition. Muscle-related, rate-limiting factors of gait maturity were also identified. These results indicated gait maturation continues through adolescence, and suggest there is an important learning component involved in shaping the strategies used to adjust gait during youth.

Dr Philip Fink
Professor Stephen Legg
Professor Aj Ali
Associate Professor Sarah Shultz