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Moayad Shammut

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The School of People, Environment & Planning
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
The Future of Autonomous Vehicles in New Zealand

Research Description
My research focuses on 'disruptive technologies' and explores how autonomous vehicles (AVs) would impact the society and cities in New Zealand. AVs, popularly known as self-driving vehicles, have become a vigorously growing area of significant concern within the transport sector. Although there is a consensus among experts that AVs would drastically alter our cities and the way we live our lives, the debates continue to grow about what future scenarios would emerge upon the roll-out of this innovative technology, i.e. AVs. The PhD will focus on developing potential scenarios that are likely to emerge by taking Auckland as a case study. The research will then reflect on these developed scenarios to investigate how AVs would impact NZ societies and cities.

Research Importance
Policymakers and transport planners currently face a raft of challenges due to the high degree of uncertainty associated with AVs. This research aims to establish a basis to navigate this uncertainty and provide insightful policy implications by developing and reflecting on potential future scenarios that are likely to emerge.

Research Benefit
Transport and urban planners. Hopefully the Ministry of Transport and NZTA.

Personal Description
I am a Civil Engineer from Amman, Jordan. My avid interest in studying transport and traffic engineering subjects led me to undertake transport-related projects during my undergraduate years. My ambition to pursue scientific research led me to pursue an MSc in Transport Planning and Management at the University of Westminster in London, UK. I chose to study PhD at Massey University because not only it is considered one of the top universities in New Zealand but also offers world-class education and research opportunities.

Associate Professor Imran Muhammad
Dr Faraz Hasan
Dr Farez Hasan


Shammut, M., Cao, M., Zhang, Y., Papaix, C., Liu, Y., & Gao, X. (2019). Banning Diesel Vehicles in London: Is 2040 Too Late? Energies, 12(18), 3495 https://doi.org/10.3390/en12183495