Ji Yu

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School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Wisdom of the Crowds: Developing a Social Media Platform for Serious Research

Research Description
The aim of this study is to develop an effective approach for researchers to generate, collect, and analyse Wisdom of the Crowd (WOC) type data. Guiding this research is the question: How can social media be developed and used to effectively collect and analyse data in WOC-informed research? To address the question, this research proposes to develop, test and evaluate a new social media platform that will reach and engage older people with life experience to tap their perspectives about current significant social problems. It will also serve as a place for social connections. The developed platform will allow participants to discuss, modify and evaluate perspectives over time offering a 'dynamic' dataset, here-to-for generally unavailable to most researchers.

Personal Description
I am from Beijing, China. I holds a master's degree in International Business, and two bachelor degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and the other in Computer Science and Technology. I worked in IBM China Development Lab for many years on software project management, development and testing. I published two technical articles on IBM developerWorks and two IBM Redbooks as co-author. I choose Massey because it has a great reputation, and MAD group matches my research interests very well. I want to be an academic after graduation.

Professor David Pauleen
Dr Nazim Taskin
Dr Hamed Jafarzadeh