Nilani Hewa Algiriyage

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Joint Centre for Disaster Research
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Cross Domain Data Fusion and Analytics of Social Media in Disaster Management

Research Description
The idea of this research is to analyse multi-modal data in social networks and other sources such as online news, blogs and CCTV recordings during a crisis situation to provide quick information to disaster responders. The expected outcome would be a software tool or an algorithm which would fuse disaster-related multimedia data from different sources. The particular use case in Emergency Traffic Management (ETM).

Research Importance
This research is very important as it automatically combines multimodal data during the cause of an incident. Therefore, it is helpful to Emergency Management in New Zealand.

Research Benefit
NZTA, City councils and MCDEM

Personal Description
I'm from Sri Lanka. I wanted to do a multi-disciplinary research which combines computer science with emergency management. Therefore, JCDR at Massey, Wellington was my first choice. I would like to contribute back my knowledge in AI for New Zealand as well as Sri Lanka. Therefore, I want excel more as a researcher.

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Dr Emma Hudson-Doyle
Dr Kristin Stock
Professor David Johnston