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Alexandra Egan

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School of Veterinary Science
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Direct Economic Losses of Oil Spills in Populated and Remote Locations within New Zealand

Research Description
The MV Rena ran aground off the coast of Tauranga in October 2011. This oil spill has documented environmental effects, but what were the direct economic consequences? Most oil spill research focuses on large spills, such as Deepwater Horizon and the Prestige. And though the MV Rena is a small oil spill when compared to these, there were still sizeable economic consequences for New Zealand. This gap in the knowledge is what I aim to fill with my research, by estimating the economic impacts to the local tourism and commercial fishing industries, as well as conducting field work to estimate the loss of recreational value while the beaches were closed to the public during the oil spill. I then aim to apply my findings of the MV Rena to a pristine, remote environment in New Zealand, in order to estimate the potential economic consequences of an oil spill occurring there.

Research Importance
My research is important to policy makers, particularly regarding shipping and marine laws, but also the general public.

Personal Description
I am from New York, USA. I have a B.S. in Marine Biology (University of Rhode Island), and a Master of Environmental Management (Massey University). I chose to study at Massey in order to be able to work with the leaders in oil spill response.

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