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Josephine Malenga

School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The relationship between organisational context and work-life balance of employees in New Zealand: A quantitative study using social exchange theory

Research Description
Work life balance (WLB) has become a popular topic of interest, however, the research field has neglected the cognitive process that employees undertake not only when utilizing WLB practices but also in determining how effective they are. While many practitioners claim that the practices employees eventually have access to are dependent on their ability to negotiate these terms before they are employed, it is a joint responsibility of both the employee and the employer to fashion favourable terms for both parties. Using the psychological contract as a basis towards understanding this complex employment relationship sets a foundation on the types of WLB practices that employees will find effective. The effectiveness will be measured in terms of subjective wellbeing, as it is a measure research has associated with not only turnover, but productivity and other citizenship behaviour that are beneficial for the sustainability of the organisation. One of the impacts of this research would lead to a more inclusive and diverse workforce, allowing those that leave their jobs due to non-work or care responsibilities to be able to participate in the labour market.

Research Importance
My main aim is to provide a framework that works towards moving away from the "one size fits all" model of HRM when it comes to work life balance; benefiting both the employee and the employer in the long term.

Personal Description
After completing my master's education, I returned to my country (Tanzania) where I worked in the consulting service line of an international company. Having experienced the detrimental effects of long working hours and an always available work culture on not only my mental health but my personal relationships I decided to embark on research that would allow workers to earn a living without sacrificing their personal life whether it be family or leisure. What attracted me to Massey was mainly the profiles of my supervisors who have already contributed a lot to my PhD journey.

Professor Jane Parker
Dr Nazim Taskin
Professor Gabriel Eweje