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Jishuo Sun

Jishuo Sun staff profile picture

School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Exploring the Experience of Workplace Bullying in China

Research Description
Workplace bullying is a serious and pervasive issue affecting employee health and wellbeing in many workplaces across the world. While Western countries have well understood this issue, there is an increasing interest in contextual differences in bullying research due to cultural diversity, which may affect how people understand this issue. The cultural context of China seems to be very different from Western countries where most bullying research has been conducted to date. Given the lack of bullying research focusing on the Chinese context, exploring how Chinese employees experience bullying will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of this issue in order to better manage it in the Chinese workplace as well as globally. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to understand the nature and development of workplace bullying in China from an employees' perspective. Given that the researcher holds a pragmatic philosophical worldview, a constructivist grounded theory approach will be adopted to address the research objectives. Theoretically, this research will contribute to developing understandings of the nature and development of workplace bullying. Practically, this research will provide an in-depth understanding of workplace bullying in the Chinese context to relevant stakeholders for developing its prevention and intervention strategies.

Personal Description
I am from Shenzhen, the first special economic zone in China. After completing my master's degree at Massey University, I chose Massey again for my PhD study without hesitation as I can explore my research interests under the supervision of a professional and well-cooperated team and the guidance of the Healthy Work Group in the School of Management. Finishing my PhD is just a starting point for my career goal, and I hope to be an academic helping people to improve their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Dr Darryl Forsyth
Dr Kate Blackwood
Dr Natalia D'Souza


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