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Wahab Shahbaz

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School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Mindfulness Experiences of University Staff in New Zealand: An Integrated Mindfulness Framework

Research Description
In simplest terms, mindfulness is a state of being present in a particular way. In organisations, the employee's state of mindfulness can provide workplace benefits in terms of the employee's well-being, relationships, and performance. Although literature on mindfulness has focused on workplace benefits, relatively little is known about the contextual factors that might facilitate or hinder the employee's state of mindfulness. The purpose of this study is to explore the context at the micro level to identify the factors associated with the state of employees mindfulness. In doing so, the study intends to explore the mindfulness related experiences and perceptions of academic professionals in New Zealand. The academic professionals, including faculty and administrative staff, of different universities will have a diversity of mindfulness experiences in terms of mindfulness-based training and/or practice of meditation. The findings of the study will expend literature on the context of mindfulness by underlining the individual and organisational factors that might impact the employee's state of mindfulness. Practically, the study may benefit the mindfulness trainers and organisational leaders to foster the state of mindfulness of employees in order to obtain workplace benefits.

Personal Description
I am a PhD scholar at Massey University, Auckland. My academic and professional background is related to administration, project coordination, and human resource management. I am seeking professional competency in the field of employee training and development so that I can play a substantial role as a researcher in academia and as a professional consultant in the business world.

Professor Jane Parker
Associate Professor Janet Sayers