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Xin Zhou

Doctor of Philosophy, (Statistics)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Fractional Nonconformance Assessment

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Food quality and safety are important due to the nature of the product. Statistical tools are widely used in food quality assurance. However, variation and inaccuracy of the measurement systems in food manufacturing affect the statistical quality control activities. The fractional nonconformance concept was proposed to assess the probability of error-prone individual measurements of milk products. Mr Zhou applied the fractional nonconformance assessment to control charting of short-run production processes, lot acceptance procedures, and conformity assessment problems to reduce the impact of measurement errors. He illustrated the application of the proposed method with data from a leading New Zealand dairy product manufacturer. Mr Zhou used the findings to develop a step-by-step interactive web-based application to help practitioners implement fractional nonconformance in their organisations.

Dr Govindaraju Govindaraju
Professor Geoff Jones