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Sewuese Okubanjo

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Studies on formation, oxidative stability and plausible applications of food-grade ‘droplet-stabilised’ oil-in-water emulsions

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Droplet-stabilised emulsion is a novel emulsion made up of large oil droplets stabilised by smaller protein-coated oil droplets. The structure is unique and has the potential to effectively, protect health-promoting food compounds such as omega 3 and 6 oils from degradation. Mrs Okubanjo used analytical techniques to investigate the impact of this novel emulsion’s structure on chemical stability of omega-6 oil incorporated within. She also explored practical applications of this novel emulsion by incorporating antioxidants within different locations of the emulsion to determine the most effective location for antioxidant performance. Novel techniques such as the confocal Raman microscopy coupled with a microfluidic channel and saturation transfer difference nuclear magnetic resonance were used to monitor the location of antioxidants in emulsions. Mrs Okubanjo's research has provided valuable and crucial information for the functional food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry about the properties of droplet-stabilised emulsions as an effective delivery system.

Dr Simon Loveday
Professor Peter Wilde
Distinguished Professor Harjinder Singh
Associate Professor Aiqian Ye