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Peter Jeszenszki

Doctor of Philosophy, (Physics)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Accurate calculation of ultracold quantum gases with Full Configurational Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo method

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Emergent correlations among microscopic particles can lead to exotic macroscopic phenomena such as high-temperature superconductivity and also can have a significant impact on the structure of astronomical objects such as neutron stars. The theoretical description of these strongly correlated systems remains a great challenge. Computational approaches are limited to only a few particles due to the exponential scaling of the resources with system size. Mr. Jeszenszki investigated the convergence properties of the most straightforward approach, exact diagonalization, for ultracold Fermi gases. He found that these systems cannot be calculated efficiently, as the length scale of the inter-particle interaction is much smaller than the typical size of the system. He developed a new methodology to circumvent these limitations, which improves the efficiency of the calculation significantly and extends the applicability of this approach to larger system sizes.

Professor Joachim Brand
Dr Patrick Bowman