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Syed Jaffry

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Increasing the Capacity of 5G Networks using Mobile-Cells

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Mr Jaffry investigated a novel fifth generation (5G) networks' entity called 'mobile-cells'. A mobile-cell primarily extends cellular services to commuters inside public transport vehicles such as buses or trains. The mobile-cell is installed with an in-vehicle antenna to serve travelling users while an out-of-vehicle antenna connects mobile-cells to either the core network or neighbouring mobile-cells. Before initiating communication with neighbours, a mobile-cell must discover its neighbourhood. Mr Jaffry resolved technical issues associated with mobile-cells by devising techniques to expedite the discovery procedure. In addition, he proposed novel resource sharing schemes to manage interference. A mobile-cell's wireless transmissions should not interfere with conventional out-of-vehicle cellular users. Conventionally, interference management is achieved by assigning separate resources (for example, sub-channel) to each link. Mr Jaffry's proposed schemes will increase the capacity of 5G networks by incorporating an increased number of cellular users per sub-channel.

Dr Faraz Hasan
Dr Xiang Gui