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Maxim Prokchorchik

Doctor of Philosophy, (Plant Biology)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Molecular analysis of plant innate immunity triggered by secreted effectors from bacterial and fungal pathogens of apple

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Apple is one of the main fresh fruits enjoyed in New Zealand and worldwide. Unfortunately, there are a variety of pathogens threatening sustainable apple production. Creating apple cultivars naturally resistant to these pathogens is of particular importance to provide food security for the growing world’s population. Mr Prokchorchik’s research was focused on plant-pathogen interactions between fungal and bacterial pathogens causing apple scab and fire blight diseases. A plant receptor from a wild apple variety was researched in depth. Furthermore, secreted proteins from apple pathogenic fungi were researched to identify their function. From this work, Mr Prokchorchik proposed a novel model of plant immunity evolution that may provide a basis for future research in the field.

Dr Janet Reid
Dr Joanna Bowen
Dr Vincent Bus
Dr David Chagne
Professor Rosie Bradshaw