Jiri Moravec

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Computational approaches to the study of post-marital residence

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Post-marital residence is the location taken by a couple after marriage. It is often a cultural practice, a choice based on tradition. Through its effect on family and family structure, post-marital residence influences important concepts and practices such as inheritance of property, the status of men and women, initiation rites and tracing of descent. Post-marital residence is not static but evolves together with society, such as during the adoption of agriculture, the colonial era, or with the adoption of the post-industrial economy. Mr Moravec investigated post-marital residence evolution using modern computational tools to gain a better understanding of the global and local patterns and the factors responsible for its change. His research provides a better understanding of past societies, their structure and traditions, as well as the structure and changes of our own society.

Professor Murray Cox
Professor Stephen Marsland