Maria Carmencita Ignacia Arpa

Doctor of Philosophy, (Earth Science)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Melt generation, storage and ascent below Tongariro Volcanic Complex, Southern Taupo Volcanic Zone

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Understanding magmatism is an important component of volcanic hazard mitigation. Insights into magmatism can be achieved from pre-eruption research that determines magma sources and how magma may reach the surface. Tongariro Volcano, in the Central North Island of New Zealand, is an active volcano where magma has erupted from several vents with varying eruption styles. Ms Arpa researched selected volcanic samples from the different vents of Tongariro, samples that represent explosive to effusive eruptions during the last 16,000 years. By analysing the composition of different components that comprise magma, magma reservoir depths were identified, magmatic volatile amounts were related to eruption style, and changes in magma composition were determined. These results provide insights into magmatism and are valuable in interpreting volcanic activity.

Professor Georg Zellmer
Dr Bruce Christenson
Professor Shane Cronin
Professor Gert Lube