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Matthew Curtis Miller

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Health


Thesis Title
Quantification and description of braking during mountatin biking using a novel brake power meter

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The physiological demands during mountain biking are highly influenced by variable surface conditions and demanding terrains. Laboratory fitness measures seeking to describe mountain bike performances have fallen short in that they offer no indication of ability outside that of propulsive mechanical work and cannot quantify bike handling abilities. Throughout a series of six full-scale hypothesis-driven experiments, Mr Miller described the need to measure braking during mountain biking to enhance performance analyses. As a result, the bicycle brake power meter was invented and validated for use in the field. The importance of braking was corroborated in subsequent investigations, and his thesis culminated by validating an algorithm that could describe mountain bike descending performance with a single, braking-based metric. In the future, Mr Miller intends researching the topic with the aim of positively impacting mountain bike riders in real-world settings.

Professor Steve Stannard
Dr Philip Fink
Dr Paul Macdermid