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Toby Newman

Doctor of Philosophy, (Plant Science)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The molecular basis of RPS4/RRS1- mediated defense activation in Arabidopsis

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Crop plants are grown worldwide in order to, among other reasons, provide food for the world's population. With the population growing rapidly, there is a need to increase crop production, either by growing crops on more land or, ideally, by enhancing the productivity of existing crops. Plant pathogens significantly affect the productivity of crop plants and, therefore, mitigating their affect will bring about an increase in crop yields. In order to do this, understanding how plants defend themselves against pathogens is necessary. Mr Newman utilised genetic, biochemistry and molecular biology techniques to advance our understanding of disease resistance. He characterised the requirements of a specific pair of immune receptors for pathogen perception and defense activation. His research has the potential in the future to generate durable disease resistance in crop species.

Dr Janet Reid
Professor Rosie Bradshaw
Dr Kee Sohn